Thursday, August 25, 2005

Misprint in Eragon sequel

A printing boo-boo has turned some first editions of Eldest into collector's items according to the DesMoines Register.

Because of a printing error, 32 pages of the Christopher Paolini fantasy, the eagerly anticipated sequel to the popular teen novel "Eragon," were mistakenly replaced by a section of "Inkspell," a Cornelia Funke novel that won't be released until September.Once "Eldest" readers recover from the shock of the unexpected cliffhanger, they may take comfort in knowing they may have valuable collector's items in their backpacks.

Related from SciFiWire:

Christopher Paolini's Eldest, the second volume in the Inheritance trilogy of fantasy books, has displaced J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from the top slot on for the first time since the sixth Potter book debuted, the Reuters news service reported.


Kelly said...

Oh, that is funny, Camille!
I can't wait for Inkspell, personally.

Michele said...

I presume that Inkspell is a sequel to Inkheart (which I promise I will read as soon as I can !) ?

Cyp said...

I received a defective book, it is missing 64 pages, not 32 as the article stated. Go to to find out more

Anonymous said...

I also have a defective book that is missing 64 pages

Anonymous said...

I actually have a book printed upside down thw binding looks normal and all but you open it up and the pages were put in backwards

Anonymous said...

In my copy of Eldest, the next page after page 526 is 591. It continues to 622 where it then jumps back to 559. From that point the book carries on to the end. Nowhere in the book is any inserts from the novel Inkspell.

Has anyone else found this error?

Camille said...

There were apparently major problems with the printing of Eldest, more than were reported in the beginning.

Makes you wonder what was going on. Are all titles subject to this level of error when this many copies are printed?

Heidi said...

interesting cynmom, in my copy it goes like this

1-590, 623-654, 623-end so basically I am missing pages 591-622 and I have pages 623-654 redundant.
Looks like you have my missing pages!