Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Author: Christopher Paolini

Today heralds the release of Eldest. We have not purchased our copy yet but will this weekend no doubt.
SeattlePI.com has an interesting piece on the book and the Eragon phenom. I enjoyed hearing the kids' comments on the book.

Fans say they relate to the series' hard-pressed hero and find it easy to project themselves into the scenes, given Paolini's wealth of descriptive detail.

What teen couldn't relate to the reluctant Dragon Rider's struggle to find his way in a confusing and tumultuous world? Halleen, the Mukilteo fan, says she understands Eragon's feeling of "having your life get all messed up."

"I don't have a messed-up life," she hastened to add, "but it was interesting to read how everything can change so fast. For me, going into high school, I feel like everything is changing and I need to get ahold of it."

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