Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Changing face of Academic Libraries

Interesting article on the changing face of academic libraries. Their role is the same, their look is changing:

"Libraries are about information, and books were simply a way that information was packaged," says Judy Ashcroft, director of the Instructional Innovation and Assessment division at UT. "But more information is being packaged online, and we have a duty to provide access to [it]."

The role of school librarians in preparing these college students is more critical than ever. Students need the skills to find, evaluate and use information. Collaborating with classroom teachers and the curriculum, school librarians instruct students (and teachers) in research methods and techniques.

Robert Eiffert writes Librarian in the Middle, an outstanding blog that should be regular reading for all school librarians. He discusses best practices for instruction and issues which impact school libraries.

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