Friday, August 12, 2005

Author: Anthony Horowitz

I love the Alex Rider books. While I was looking at author Anthony Horowitz's website I realized he is the writer for one of my very favorite television series, Foyle's War.That is so much fun to know.

Michael Kitchen is wonderful as Foyle. The entire cast is great. I hope there will be a fourth series. On another site Kitchen discusses the extensive research Horowitz does and how they create the character.

Michael worked closely with writer Anthony Horowitz to create the character of Christopher Foyle, a quiet yet driven detective given the task of fighting crime on the 'home front'.

"Foyle is the product of Anthony's original scripts and whatever I bring to them by adding, rearranging or taking out - both of us concluding perhaps that less is more.

"Some writers are very tight about what they've written and it can be restricting. Anthony was very easy, very loose and we worked to get a draft which was going to get the best out of me and which also flowed. Anthony and Jill Green are great to work with and seem happy to accommodate what I've suggested."

Horowitz has a report on his visit to the Stormbreaker movie set on his site too.

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