Saturday, August 13, 2005

Series: The Hardy Boys

The Scout Report features:

Seemingly ageless, Frank and Joe Hardy have been solving a host of
mysteries since 1927. Despite the rather formulaic nature of their
book-length adventures, they remain immensely popular, a fact that this website makes quite plain. On the site, visitors can learn much about the history of the series and its many incarnations in such media formats as LPs, television series, graphic novels, and so on. The site also contains hundreds of images of the book covers through the years, including a
number of international editions. Those who remember the different television series based on the boys' adventures will want to take a look through the television series section of the site, as they will no doubt enjoy seeing that oh-so popular 1970s teen "squeeze" Shaun Cassidy as Joe

You knew in every book, poor Joe was going to get hit on the head. It is a wonder that he did not suffer brain damage from the concussions. I was a Nancy Drew reader but would read the Hardy boys when I could not find any new Nancy Drews.

Daughter no. 1 loved the "Supermysteries" which had Nancy & co. and the brothers working together to solve mysteries.

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