Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Un Frisson

During the summer of 2005, I was perusing the listings of author signings in the area and suggested to my entling that we should pop over to Blue Willow Book Shop and see this Rick Riordan guy. His book sounded interesting and knowing my girl's interest in all things mythologically Greek, I thought it might be worthwhile.

I am not a soothsayer, a prognosticator or even a weather forecaster but as I listened to him talk about his new book, The Lightning Thief, I swear I felt un frisson about this book. When my girl disappeared for several hours upon returning home, I knew something special was going on.

Since then the book was selected for the Texas Bluebonnet list and it has become part of novel study units. His rockstar status grows daily. My entling has sworn she must have a Hunters of Artemis t-shirt so we will be in line at The Titan's Curse signing for sure.

I sat with a friend at TLA last year where Riordan appeared on a panel to discuss books and the industry. After the session was over my friend said, "I have to have him."

Of course she meant she had to "have him" visit her school and present to her students. When librarians make those comments, it can be misinterpreted. One time I said that I'd "had" Jack Gantos and I got the strangest looks from the non library folk I was dining with. The further explanation, "At my library, I mean!" didn't help. I digress.

I've written a lot about Rockstar Rick Riordan over the past two years because he is important. I've seen Riordan's books hook kids that parents thought would NEVER EVER read a book just for the fun of it. I've heard from many parents who say, "you know that book you recommended for young Horatio (Hortense?) He/she didn't play with his/her (insert expensive electronic media device here) all weekend. He/she said they just wanted to read!!!"

I know kids who have never picked up Harry Potter (too thick) who are fervently, desperately and impatiently awaiting The Titan's Curse.

My friend will indeed "have" Riordan at her school next week and she's invited me to come hear him. I am looking forward to sitting in the back and watching the magic happen.


AMY T said...

I discovered Rock Star Rick Riordan last year when I assigned The Lightning Thief to a challenging, "high" class of 5th and 6th graders. I was so pleased to see how many of my "give-us-some-action" boys got pulled right into it. After they finished The Lightning Theif, I couldn't keep track of my three copies of The Sea of Monsters. The best part of the experience, for me, however, was when Rick sent a personal reply to my email of gratitude. I can't wait until May 1st, myself, and I've got a whole new class chomping at the bit as well.

Michele said...

I am just going to sulk at you getting to see Rick the Rockstar AGAIN ! And at getting The Titan's Curse...

If I didn't love you dearly, I might be tempted to curse too ! *winks*

Mary Ann said...

What a neat blog! I am very happy to find you! Thanks for visiting mine.

Camille said...

RRR just seems like a 100% nice person. He writes with such love about his family and is so gracious in person when I've heard him speak. When he signed my book all I could manage was a "Guuhh...thank you."

RRR is heading for chez vous the last week of March. He has UK on his calendar for March 26-April 2. Maybe you can find him. Maybe he will be in your neighborhood!

I've read you posts on TLC for a long time. I'm glad you are blogging! I will be checking in often.