Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Thank goodness Michael Auberry has been found.
An alert reader sent me this clip from the article:

Sounds like Michael is a Hatchet (by Gary Paulsen) fan.

One of Michael's favorite books a few years ago was about a boy whose plane crashes in the wilderness, and how that boy survives on his own, his father said.

"I think he's got some of that book in his mind," Auberry said. "In my fantasy, when they find him, he'll be making beef jerky somewhere or something like that. He's got a lot of resources to draw from."


Sarah Stevenson said...

Wow, that's cool! It is the sort of book that made me wonder how I'd survive on my own in the wilderness.

Great post! Thanks!

Camille said...

Interestingly, the dog that found him was named Gandalf and it was a Shiloh shepherd. Children's lit allusions abound.