Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Edge of the Forest

The March edition of The Edge of the Forest is out and I have to say that the interviews and articles for this month are probably the best yet.

Indefatigable Kelly has a write up of Readergirlz.

Pam MotherReader Coughlan has an insightful and inspiring article about what it takes to become a B-List Blogger and member of this terrific community of Kitlitospherians.

Liz Burns's interview with author Kirby Larson is outstanding.

Adrienne Furness explores the expanding presence of Sock Monkeys in children's books.

Allie has one of her thoughtful and fascinating interviews, this time with author Jenny Han.

Kim Winters describes the Day in the Life of Laura Ruby.

Interesting reviews, What's in the Backpack and Sherry Early's Kid Picks of homeschoolers plus a podcast with Daniel Pinkwater...

Bravi, team!

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Kelly said...

Thanks so much, Camille!