Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Well, I step away from the computer for a few days and a blogging friend gets a book deal!

Our fearless leader and Cybil Nonfiction Picture Book Wrangler, Chris Barton has sold his book, S.V.T. to Little, Brown.

Chris blogs at Bartography and he will give away a free copy of the book (when it comes out) to the first person to guess what S.V.T. stands for. He says people see it as a "boy" book so I am thinking the "S" has to be "slime" or "super." The "v" could be "vomit" but on reflection that is a little strong for a title, it is probably a noun... I'm thinking "t" is for "team" or "terror" or "turbulence."
Slimey Vulture Terror -- Super Vacuum Team?

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Chris Barton said...

Thanks, Camille!