Sunday, March 25, 2007

Anniversary: Downfall of Sauron

The Downfall of Sauron, March 25th

The Tolkien Society had many reasons for choosing this anniversary to celebrate Tolkien Reading Day, but I like this one best:

It is a date of renewal: the change from the Third Age to the Fourth, the change from fear and oppression to new hope. Re-reading Tolkien (or, for many, reading him for the first time) will be an act of renewal and refreshening their appreciation of his works.

Sounds like Spring!


Jill said...

Was thinking this too, thought it would be too geeky to say. Glad someone did though!

Michele said...

I have to confess it's more than 12 months since I re-read LotR - but in my defence, I should say that the last time I read it was the third time in a calendar year !

Kelly said...

That's so funny, Camille! Happy Spring to one and all :)