Friday, September 23, 2005

Things to do before a hurricane

Here is what we have been doing to prepare:

  1. Do ALL the laundry
  2. Do ALL the dishes
  3. Eat meltable freezer stuff, such as... (I think I feel sick now.)
  4. Pick up and sort all new quilting fabric into stacks--novelty--cowboy--Americana
  5. Bag quilting fabric in ziplock water-tight bags
  6. Secure quilts and recently completed quilt tops in the "important box" to be grabbed in an emergency
  7. Place the nativity set I painted in "important box"
  8. Find dog's vaccination records and place in "important box"
  9. Secure all fine editions of Lord of the Rings, first edition Silmarillion and (thanks to email alert from entling #2) green bound edition of The Hobbit. Also, Book of Common Prayer with needlepointed cover, family bible, passports, papers of importance.
  10. Print-out list of contact information of family and friends
  11. Tell the lads (hobbits,) Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, and Gollum (cardboard standups of LOTR characters) they are on their own if wind and water come. Suggest to Gandalf that the use of his staff to turn back Rita would be helpful.
  12. Secure flag of Rohan in "important box."
  13. Pick up every little rock pebble, flower pot, wind chime and bricks from back yard so it will not become a missile in the wind.
  14. Fill bathtub with water and check water level to make sure it is not slowly draining out
  15. Check status of ice and cold packs to keep insulin cool and make sure insulin pump supplies are in "important box."
  16. Stack books to read in the dark and place LightWedge nearby.
More stuff will occur to me but it is a start.

Additions: Tapestry map of Middle Earth (thanks to alert from entling #3)

I do appreciate the kind comments from you all. It is great to think of the connections with this community that loves and reads childrens books.


Anonymous said...

Camille, you know I'll be thinking of your family and your daughter. I'm so glad you have the important box, the supplies, the ice, the water, and the food. She's lucky to have a family that is taking good care not to let her get into danger. I have many family members in Houston and am hoping you all do as well as you can. Good luck!

Michele said...

A tapestry map of Middle-earth ? Wow ! I only have a hand-drawn enlarged version on my "wall" (actually the sloping attic ceiling above my head as I sit at the PC) which I drew when I was 22...

I've been keeping an eye on the BBC News site all day, checking out the progress of Rita - and hoping so hard you won't have to make a run for it or that if you do, you and your home survives ! I think of Winn-Dixie, who has a pathological fear of thunderstorms and wish I could hug you in the face of the hurricane... (I read Because of Winn-Dixie just this afternoon - between leaving work at 4 pm, and finishing dinner at 6.30 pm - great book which I will Blog tomorrow !)

In other news (she says in an attempt to distract us all from Rita) I can't get a copy of Shakespeare's Secret. In spite of the fact that it's available from Amazon UK, it's not actually on sale in the UK yet - and there are apparently restrictions on its availability, so my friendly librarian told me this afternoon when I was collecting BW-D... Alas ! Because I did want to read this - your review and that of Susan over at Chicken Spaghetti made it sound interesting... The only thing I can think of trying is getting it via (since I have an unspent gift certificate from them), provided its cost and the cost of mailing it to the UK isn't greater than the $14 I have to spend (what are the chances ?)

Kelly said...

What a lot of work, Camille. I'll be watching and hoping all turns out fine.