Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hobbit Day

Something to do while we're waiting:

Today is Hobbit Day
September 22
Hobbit Day
, Middle Earth - On this date in the year 3001 of the Third Age, Shire Reckoning, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins celebrated their shared birthday. Bilbo was eleventy-one (111) and Frodo was thirty-three.

As Rita approaches I consider what is in my "emotional must grab before fleeing" box. Besides a few quilts I have made and some photos, we all agree the "red" copy of The Lord of the Rings and the first edition of The Sillmarillion would have to go in the box.


Michele said...

The prospect of having to pack for a hurricane appalls me - we were fortunate when we were out in Hong Kong, that the typhoons there never forced us to flee - we'd get under the table, around which my Dad would barricade us with mattresses - but I've no recollection of them...

I hope you get to celebrate Bilbo and Frodo's birthday - I will raise a glass at 7 pm BST...

Camille said...

We will toast our hobbits with what ever beverage is at hand!

Maybe we enjoy a read aloud from our favorite book when the lights go out. Hmmm...mattresses might be a good idea.

Michele said...

Hope you've got candles to be see by - or better (safer) yet, a torch or storm lantern !

I toasted the hobbits - and you too - I sincerely hope that Rita goes elsewhere, rather than rolling over your heads !

Anonymous said...

22 sep is my birthday too....not eleventieth though, not magic hobbits descended onto me......i'm still wondering why and how come