Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Duck in the Truck

Kane/Miller book Publishers shared a fun box of books with me.

Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough, 2005 (American edition)

When I read to kids, it is very enjoyable when the story has some rhythm and rhyme. This is a simple little story that is a fun read with very entertaining illustrations. The animal characters are drawn with humor and expression. Duck is driving home in a truck that gets stuck in the muck. His friends come by one by one to help him get unstuck. This is great "phonogram ck" support.

The book would be a nice choice for emerging readers since the illustrations and rhymes are intuitive. The storyline is presented in frames with word balloons on some pages which would help with sequencing and retelling. This edition is a sturdy board book, nicely sized to share with someone sitting along side of you.

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Anonymous said...

Duck is so funny. We've read and enjoyed a number of his adventures.