Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Collage artist: Dar Hosta

I Love the Night by Dar Hosta, 2003

I received two lovely books by Dar Hosta from Brown Dog Books. The colors are bright and the book jacket and pages are satiny. Her medium is collage and both books are lovely examples of that technique. Art teachers are often looking for examples to share with students besides Eric Carle and Ezra Jack Keats. She also uses oil pastel, colored pencil and digital effects to complete her work. The staring eyes of the animals in the books are digital.

I enjoyed I Love the Night. Her words flow creating a gentle, quiet, night-time atmosphere. Teachers can use the books to teach adjectives, adverbs, and alliteration. Each page is full of them.

Beneath a crescent moon, floating on a night breeze over a stand of stary-leaved sweet gum trees, a magnificent lime-green luna moth makes her way across the sky.

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