Thursday, September 22, 2005

Know-Nothing Alert!

Author: Chris Crutcher
We have not had a Know-Nothing alert in a while.

Limestone County Schools officials this week stopped the author from speaking to an assembly of Clements senior high and junior high students.

Well, how special, these towering intellects have decided to protect the fragile and tender psyches of secondary students by canceling a visit and talk by YA author Chris Crutcher.

Thank heavens these purveyors of education and knowledge have acted in the best interests of kids -- (From the Limestone County Schools website, Motto: "Committment to Children")

These brave guardians of morality certainly would not want the students to hear from the author himself on the subject of censorship and his books because they might figure out that the Limestone County school board members who banned his book "Whale Talk" are MORONS!

Honestly, he was going to talk with secondary students NOT kindergarteners! I would give anything for my 9th grader to hear him talk. What a treat! What an amazing experience that would be! I heard Crutcher speak at TLA this spring. His talk was inspiring and full of humor and empathy for the challenges kids face every day.

Crutcher said,

"This whole idea that we can keep kids safe by keeping them ignorant is something that I think needs to be addressed every time it comes up," he said. "Originally, I was going to come and go to the (Moulton) library, and I said as long as I'm there, I might as well talk to anybody who will listen. From what I understand, the (Limestone County) school board wanted it (the appearance) to go away. They got ahold of the superintendent and told him to make it go away."

You know, I always wonder what happens to property values in school districts that ban books. I imagine it would NOT be an asset in the realtor listings.


Kelly said...

You go, Camille! Fight the good fight. I can't believe all this book banning baloney.

Camille said...

I have hurricane fatigue and no patience with these people.