Friday, September 30, 2005

Library Recovery

Folks are working to repair and rebuild the public, school and personal libraries that were lost in the hurricane season this year in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas.

Texas Library Association
The Texas Library Association's Disaster Relief Fund has been expanded to collect donations for libraries in the Gulf Coast area as well as for libraries providing support for the evacuees. One hundred percent of your donated money will be sent to the state library agency or library association in the state of your choice.

TLA has also partnered with the Texas Association of Mini Storage to accept recent issue books that are new or in good condition for shipment to the affected states at an appropriate time.

American Library Association

The site is collecting news on library needs and damage across the Gulf Coast. They also have a link to the ALA HURRICANE KATRINA LIBRARY RELIEF FUND and the Adopt A Library Program.

Colleen Mondor of Eclectica Magazine & Bookslut is drawing attention to a program at Parkview Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, LA .
I am trying to build support for donations down South. I am currently working with a group in Baton Rouge to help some children displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Josh Causey and his group at Parkview Baptist Church are spending their time with children sheltered with their families at Southern University. They are doing arts and crafts, playing games and reading books. The program is expanding to other shelters and includes after school tutoring. I have set up wishlists (games & books) for the kids at Amazon, but I'm hoping that authors, illustrators, reviewers and comic creators and publishers will also consider donating a few titles. The children cover all ages and all interests - at this point, I think they would be thrilled with any gift.

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