Monday, September 05, 2005

Church uses HP to teach lessons of the Spirit

Unity Church in Wilkes-Barre, PA will use HP to teach lessons.

Acacio said the teaching of the 12 spiritual powers is unique to Unity and is scripturally based on Jesus’ calling of the 12 apostles, and each apostle also represents a spiritual power or energy center.

Wyler also associates each power with a color, and members of the congregation are encouraged to wear “the color of the week” to each Sunday service “to enhance the energy of our experience together,” Acacio said.

His response to critics:
Acacio also noted that Unity “is not a follower of witchcraft. We believe God is the source of all miracles in our lives. It’s our connection to spirit that we have that provides us access to magic, or miracles, as another way of referring to that.”

Unity Minister Joy Weiler says 12 characters in the Harry Potter series can be associated with 12 spiritual powers present in everyone, as well as with certain colors. They are:

Ron Weasley – faith, dark blue

Rubeus Hagrid – love, pink

Sirius Black – strength, light green

Albus Dumbledore – wisdom, yellow

Harry Potter – power, purple.

Fred and George Weasley – imagination, light blue

Hermione Granger – understanding, gold

Lord Voldemort – will, silver/grey

The Sorting Hat – order, dark green

Dobby – zeal, orange

Dementors – release, russet

Madame Pomfrey – life, red

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