Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sir Paul

If you are a celeb and do NOT have a children's book deal yet, please call your agent and find out what the problem is.

From SoundGenerator:
Sir Paul McCartney says he has been working on his children's book, 'High In the Clouds: An Urban Furry Tale' for several years.

McCartney collaborated with veteran children's author Philip Ardagh for the project, along with animator Geoff Dunbar. The story for 'High in the Clouds' was reportedly inspired by the animated film "Tropic Island Hum", which McCartney worked on alongside Dunbar


Norma said...

I've written a really terrific children's book; now I just need to become a celeb.

Kelly said...

It really is an interesting phenomenon, isn't it? The only truly successful celeb book I know is an old one--Julie Andrew's "The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles."

Camille, there was one you liked by Ray Romano right?

Camille said...

Actually, I haven't seen Romano's but I fear the worst because he said he wanted to teach kids a lesson about families...anytime someone says they are writing a book in order to TEACH something I hear kids' brains clicking off.

"Gosh Mom, read me that story that teaches me such a good lesson tonight."

JK did not start out to write a book about honor and bravery and friendship and loyalty and love when she wrote HP. Those ideals are in the books but that's not why she wrote her story.

Jay Leno's books--not a big fan. Jerry Seinfeld's Halloween book--well--I think his audience is baby boomers not children. Madonna wants to write books because there is nothing good out there for her kids?!?!?!?

Quote: "I'm starting to read to my son," she told an English newspaper. Rocco Ritchie, turns 3 today. "But I couldn't believe how vapid and vacant and empty all the stories were. There's, like, no lessons. ... There's, like, no books about anything."

She must not know about "Where the Wild Things Are."

Her publisher claims "She has drawn on a lifelong passion for and deep familiarity with literature and children's books."

Uh-huh. Right.

I actually do like John Lithgow and sometimes Jami Lee Curtis but she is strays into "teach a lesson" territory too. The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles"
is great.

George Foreman's book sounds funny. I looked for it at the bookstore the other night but did not see it.

It annoys me because here Norma has a book but the publishers are putting all their $$ into celeb books. They suck up all the oxygen in the room. Hard for them to "discover" Norma when they are pushing Billy Crystal.

I think this is a whole new post.

Kyndal said...

I totally refuse to read celeb books. I really don't think I have read any. Maybe I should give them a chance but I just can't make myself do it, knowing that the only reason they got published was because they are a celebrity. Every time I go in a bookstore it seems like I see a new celeb book and I just want to throw up. (Not that I feel strongly about this or anything...hehe!)

Kelly said...

It's totally a post, Camille! And, I completely agree with you. Madonna is the most irritating for her continual insistence that there is no good children's literature. It really makes me wonder what she is reading. I even liked her before her foray into kids' books (or at least admired her chutzpah).