Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Soul Making

Maurice Sendak's talk, Descent into Limbo, from April 5, 2003 is online.

Sendak discusses his childhood and family. Beginning his career under the eye of Ursula Nordstrom and Ruth Krauss he describes the exuberant atmosphere of their "weirdo little kiddie book department" where his creativity flourished.

Mantegne's Descent into Limbo.

He says music is his passion and he cannot live or work without it. When he had an opportunity to design the opera The Magic Flute he found inspriation in Mantegne's painting Descent into Limbo.

It is always so interesting to hear authors and artists talk about their work. Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are changed the world of children's publishing.

You will need an hour plus...

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Anonymous said...

The name of the artist is Andrea Mantegna

Camille said...

Quite right!