Sunday, June 05, 2005

Author: Maurice Sendak

Max, in his white wolf suit, is back in Maurice Sendak's new book. He has reworked Ruth Krauss's 1948 book, Bears.

NPR has an interview with Sendak where he discusses his life and work. He lauds Ruth Krauss and her husband Crockett Johnson for their friendship and mentoring which gave him his first break with A Hole Is to Dig.

Reminiscing about his childhood and life he recalls the the reaction to his books. Grown-ups did not "get" Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are but kids did immediately. If you ever read the book to a group of kids you see it. No matter how old they are, when you pull the book out, a happy cheer goes up and everyone settles in for a listen.

Sendak talks about his love for Mickey Mouse and Mozart. He does not like the word "illustrating" but prefers "picture making."
So many good bits, great listening!

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Kelly said...

I can't wait to get this one, Camille! "Pictures" look beautiful.