Thursday, June 30, 2005

Book Biz

The Narnia displays are coming...
HarperCollins, which owns the rights, has 145 Narnia-related books to choose from. Some have been available for years, but with Hollywood coming into play, an additional 24 movie tie-ins have been added to the lineup.

At Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, Ill., the front window is all about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (due July 16), but a life-size blowup of Narnia's lion king, Aslan, has already taken pride of place in the store near a table filled with Narnia books. Every person who buys Harry Potter will receive a Narnia bookmark.

Owner Becky Anderson says that soon after the Potter book goes on sale, she'll waste no time transforming store windows into a winter-like "Narnia world."

Interesting fact: 27 million copies of J.R.R. Tolkien books were sold as the result of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. HarperCollins is hoping for a similar effect on their sales.

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