Monday, June 20, 2005

Magic Treehouses

Kids are not the only ones with a yearning to take to the trees. Time Europe has an article about the luxury pads that grown-ups are constructing amidst the limbs of their backyard trees.
The designers can install anything from kitchens and bathrooms to under-floor heating and electricity. The circular cedarwood dining lodge the company erected in an ash in West Sussex, England, for instance, has all that plus a telephone connection, a spiral staircase, 13 windows and a peaked roof. No wonder the private, $185,000 retreat outdoes any earthbound first-class dining hall. "Forty years ago, nobody envisioned things like jacuzzis and log stoves up in the trees," says John Harris, the firm's founder. "But today, nothing is impossible."

Here in Texas my treehouse would have to be air conditioned.

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Norma said...

My husband is an architect, and although he's designed "healthy houses," I don't think he's ever been asked about a tree house. Zoning would be awful.