Friday, December 10, 2004

Shakespeare at Winedale

Shakespeare at Winedale is a very special experience. Read about the program and the wonderful gift of air conditioning from Houston attorney, Mark Metts and Blue Bell Creameries in Brenham.

The original idea was to have UT Austin English students put on the plays. But the program has evolved to include not only students from other disciplines but also students from colleges and schools throughout the United States, who spend the summer living and working at Winedale. The program expanded internationally in 1998 when a group of former student actors were invited to London to perform at the acclaimed Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Theatrical troupes of current students have returned to London every year since to perform at such venerable venues as the Swan Theatre of the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond.
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Sherry said...

We've gone to Shakespeare at Winedale every year for about ten years. It's wonderful. If you live anywhere near central Texas, I strongly recommend it. My daughter even applied to be part of the class last summer, but she didn't get in. I think she would like to apply again this summer, but finances may not allow. At any rate, the plays are great, very well done, and there are dozens of bed and breakfast places in the area where you can stay overnight. Yes, it's "a very special experience."