Thursday, December 23, 2004

Little Women's Orchard House

Interesting article by DENISE LAVOIE about Orchard House in Concorde, Mass. Nice descriptions of the house and the programs there.

Florence Aldrich-Bennett, a third-grade teacher at the Peter Noyes Elementary School in Sudbury, brings her students to the house every year. All of the students have read Alcott's biography, and some have read "Little Women" before they visit.

"It's wonderful. It really takes the children back in time," she said.
"For those children who like to write, it is fun for them to see where an author lived and to think about themselves as writers," she said.

Turnquist and other supporters of the house are constantly trying to raise money to fully restore the structure, built in the 1700s. Last year, they completed a $1.5 million project to build a foundation under the house, but still need millions more to conserve artifacts and repair extensive water, structural and insect damage.
"Almost everything you see here is just as they left it. We think it is important to preserve this," Turnquist said.

To read more about Orchard House, visit their website.

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