Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Amazon & American Red Cross Disaster Relief

Amazon has enabled a one click donation to the American Red Cross Disaster fund for tsunami relief.

Update: Total Collected: $4,923,740.33. # of Payments: 80187

Astonishing to see the power of the internet and the goodness of people in general. When I checked at 2:30 CST they had collected $2,332,982.23 with the number of payments at 41371. This is double what it was just hours earlier today. in Australia is covering the contributions of the world's nations. The contribution of the country that claims to be the wisest of us all, stands out to me:

FRANCE: Foreign Minister Michel Barnier in Sri Lanka, then Thailand. Has earmarked 100,000 euro ($175,160) for relief, sent 16 rescuers to Thailand, 10 tonnes aid to Sri Lanka.

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