Saturday, December 11, 2004

JKRowling website update

Tip from Wizard News:
JKRowling has updated her website with a kind of no-news-is-good-news-message...

I don't know about you but I got sick and tired of seeing that old Edinburg Book Festival headline on my desktop and thought I'd change it, however dull the fresh story. So: I have nothing noteworthy to report, because I have been spending nearly all my time sitting in front of my computer writing, re-writing and taking the occasional break to bang my head off the desk in frustration or else rub my hands together in fiendish glee (I think the latter has happened once).

Meanwhile, the distance between the keyboard and yours truly increases day by day as my third child races Harry’s next adventure into the world. I will soon need extendable fingers to type.

In the Rubbish Bin" she also corrects a report that her friends call her "Joanie."

Just for the record, nobody, in the whole course of my life, has ever called me ‘Joanie.’

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