Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Author: Cornelia Funke

Stephan Dalton in The Times Online has an article about Cornelia Funke. She speaks about her writing and the comparisons between her and author JKRowling. Dalton reports that The Thief Lord has finished filming in Venice. He also reports that Funke is moving to Los Angeles...
Funke is moving her family — husband Rolf, children Ben and Anna — to Los Angeles for three months next year so that she can take a hands-on role in developing a film version of Inkheart with New Line, makers of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. She has even begun courting Brendan Fraser for the role of Mo, the heroine’s father. Funke now has her own Los Angeles lawyer and has already blocked some superstar casting decisions. “In Hollywood,” her husband, Rolf Funke, says proudly, “they call her the woman with balls . . .”

Fraser recorded the audiobook version of Dragon Rider. She must have been very pleased with his reading as the character Mo has a fantastic read aloud talent.

Funke is writing a new book about Salisbury, England.

“I always love to step into this cathedral,” she says. “There’s this quote by the Italian painter Raphael, who once said when he saw the English and the German cathedrals that they are still tree worshippers — and that’s what they are! I step into Salisbury and it’s pagan, it really feels older than it is. The green men are hiding everywhere, and I want to do a ghost story there.”

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hi ,i have been trying desperatley to contact cornelia funke and wanted to know if she read this commentaries.