Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I got my new walkin' shoes

I have my new walkin' shoes (I like the pink swooshes) and I go to San Antonio for the Texas Library Assn. annual conference today.

My first TLA conference, many moons ago, was in San Antonio and I think I walked around with a happy grin the entire time. At that first conference I heard Brian Jacques and Gerald McDermott and Rosemary Wells.

This time I hope to see Chris Barton, Grace Lin, Stephenie Meyer, Cynthia Leitich-Smith, Teri Lesesne, Avi, Sharon Creech, Walter Dean Myers, Sarah Weeks, Darren Shan, Tim Wynne-Jones, Scott Westerfeld, Justine Larbalestier, Sharon Draper, JOHN GREEN, Helen Hemphill, Don Tate, Brian Anderson, and MO WILLEMS, and more that I haven't even identified yet.

I will need a time-turner though. Lots of the sessions run at the same time. I'll do my best!


Anonymous said...

You are a brave woman to try a new pair of shoes before a library convention. One of the giveaways we had at our booth was bandaids (we had a health-literacy project, so it made sense) and word used to travel like wildfire. People would approach us and say, "We hear you have bandaids..." It was not as satisfying as if they'd said, "We hear you have great, free books..."

MotherReader said...

That is a pretty freakin' awesome list of people. Hope you're having fun and will tell us all about it.