Monday, April 16, 2007

Wise Librarian

Entling No. 2 works at her institution of higher learning in that building that employs librarians. She got a call this week from one of them and was invited over to look at a new book that had just come in.

EN2 was very pleased to be the first person on campus to read the book and her mother was touched that these college librarians are reaching out to students with books that they know are of interest to them.

EN2 sent us this photo. She accompanied it with a gloating "nee-ner, nee-ner" or as they say in Elvish,"En! Sii'! Yallume! Auta miqula orqu!"

I have worked on it a bit to protect the innocent. As I have oft repeated, I try to spare the entlings the ongoing embarrassment of hearing folks say, "I didn't know SHE was YOUR mother!"

Book Trailer for The Children of Hurin

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Michele said...

Oh insane jealousy !! The major launch is in London today, but I cannot go... *sobs*