Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Dangerous Book for Boys

I loved this Meghan Cox Gurdon review of The Dangerous Book for Boys sent to me by an alert reader.

She transcribes the comments of (her?) 10-year-old boy. How fun!
Then the boy explodes into action. Leaping up, he rummages in a drawer for a pad of Post-It notes and vaults back into his seat. And this, transcribed from life, is what follows: "Man! This book has everything!" the boy cries, marking a page. "Sweet! Making cloth fireproof!" He puts in another bookmark. "The Golden Age of Piracy!" There's a pause, and in a lower voice he says, " 'How to Talk to Girls,' that'll be useful ..."


Becky said...

My (new!) eight-year-old just received the UK edition yesterday for his birthday from my parents.

He's been busy comparing it to "The American Boy's Handy Book", which he's had for a few years, and deciding what to do/make first.

I found the much talked about brief section about Girls much sweeter than it's been portrayed...

I want to steal it away from him so that I can review it a bit better, and maybe write some more about it.

Anonymous said...

Must. have. that. book.

And I have no boys, either. But I'm thinking my husband will love it.