Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Singer/Songwriter: Tom Chapin

School Library Journal: Extra Helping has an interview with Singer/Songwriter Tom Chapin. His song "Not on the Test" is hitting the target with parents, teachers and students.

My own entling's excursion into the world of Geometry has been interupted for several weeks as their geometry teachers reviews them on the ALGEBRA that they will be tested over on the TAKS next week. sigh.

What kind of reaction did you get from the song?

The feedback was just astonishing. I keep getting more and more [e-mails]. I had two today, from teachers saying, "Thank you! How can we get this song?" So we realized, it's not on a record and probably won't be for a while, so we decided to put it up on the Web site. And it's been roaring around the Internet from teacher to teacher and administrators and parents, and it's been fun to watch it in cyberspace.


CCH said...

Hope the conference went/goes well and that you managed to get an ARC of Vendetta. I am looking forward to the Entling's reaction.

Camille said...

Well, blast and drat.

Alas, they did not have an ARC of Vendetta. They were displaying The Fetch and when I asked about V they said they didn't have them yet. phooey.