Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Titan's Curse Day

Today is the day! Let the celebrations commence! Kids can now stop giving ME dark and envious looks and flock to the stores to buy their own copy of the third installment of Percy Jackson's adventures. We have been waiting for that Harry fellow, no doubt, but the kids I know are even more excited to get this book in their hands.

There's a nice profile of Rockstar Rick Riordan in the Austin American Stateman today and Riordan will be celebrating with his fans at BookPeople tonight. Riordan dedicated Titan's Curse to Topher Bradfield who has been a booster of the series at BookPeople and one of the forces behind summertime Camp Half-Blood.

Riordan also dedicated the book to Toni Davis, a bookseller in Cornwall, England. Sadly, Davis passed away this past week. He posted a moving tribute to her, "Farewell, My Huntress," on Saturday.

My family has organized our schedule to be at one of his signings here in town this week. We must have a complete autographed set.

I have also discovered a branch of my family, that has not found the series yet.


I'm off to sub today. Oh, I hope 5th grade is coming to the library. I know exactly what book I want to read!!!

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