Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The End of the Year in a School Library

Ah yes--the end of the school year is such an interesting time in a school library.

  1. Librarians run and run and print and print reports that present the grim statistics about the horrific number of books STILL checked out to students even though the end of school is just a few days away.

  2. Librarians send out MORE reminders and requests for the return of missing books.

  3. Librarians cheerfully call home phone numbers and leave messages requesting any kind of response or acknowledgment of the lost school library books.

  4. Librarians cheerfully walk to the shelves with students to look for the book that the student is positive he/she already returned or never checked-out in the first place, "no doubt about it, honest, they remember."

  5. Librarians cheerfully point out that the book is NOT on the shelf, therefore, it will be necessary for the student to look again.

  6. Librarians cheerfully suggest places the child can look for their library book.

  7. Librarians cheerfully invite book characters like, say, Viola Swamp, to go on the morning announcements to request the return of library books. Viola infers she will be roaming the hallways and looking into classrooms for library books

  8. The librarian's child, who is watching those morning announcements in horror, from her classroom, SWEARS her mother is NOT at school that day when her classmates suggest Viola bears a resemblance to her!

  9. Librarians cheerfully roll book carts down to 5th grade and request that everyone clean out their desks in the hope that lost library books will materialize.

  10. Librarians cheerfully roll book carts back to the library having netted at least twenty missing books that suddenly appeared in desks, on classroom counters and mixed in with classroom libraries.

  11. Librarians cheer and clap as the student, who was sure that he/she had already returned or had never checked out that book in the first place, "no doubt about it, honest, they remember," comes running in, beaming with joy announcing, "I found it, I found it!"

  12. Librarians cheerfully listen to teachers who explain they never checked out those materials for their classroom "no doubt about it, honest, they remember."

  13. Librarians gulp hard and hug children who present them with flowers, cookies, picture frames, and precious thank-you notes for a year that was full of reading and imagination.

School librarians, you've worked so hard all year.

Thank you.

Have a wonderful summer and try not to think about your library every day this summer.


Mary Lee said...

Same thing with my classroom library, only on a much MUCH smaller scale! Happy end of year!

MotherReader said...

Loved this post. Especially as I am terrible about my kid returning books during the year. At the end of the year, I'm very very good. I promise.

For me, I've loaned my public library books to teachers after I've read them to the class and then had to go back to the classroom and dig through the classroom library to find them again, so I get you.

Camille said...

Bless you. I don't think people realize how stressful the last days of school are in a school library. I always think how much I could get done to close out the school year (because there is SO MUCH to do) if all the books were in and/or paid for.

Mary Lee,
You feel my pain.

evaberlinerin said...

I can imagine the stress you experience every year! Unfortunately I was always one of this children who have lost their book or gave it back too late. Now, I understand you and I apologize for all children... ;)

I've found this post very funny, thanks, and especially this list with the places where the library book can be!! "in the freezer" made me laugh a lot!! xD

Once again: Sorry! ;)

Eva from Hauptstadtreisen

Claire said...

Love this post! I think I am the only person in the school who looks forward to locker clean-out day!

Stasia D said...

1.5 more days! Ack! Only the fiction left to inventory...

Camille said...

Yes, on top of that there is INVENTORY! I started inventory in January. I just had to account for the books once a year so I figured in Jan. I could account for where they were. They might be in a teacher's classroom or checked out but I could say where they were.

anne said...

awesome, dead-on post! it's like you were there, each yr, w/us!
we have wonderful jobs, tho, don't we?