Saturday, June 06, 2009

48 Hour Book Challenge

Almost twelve hours in.

Will not disclose the title of the book I am reading as I worry the activities comsuming my afternoon will be a reflecton on the book. The book is very good, so far.

Began 7 a.m.-is
  • Reading --
  • Stopped reading to say good-by to Entling no. 1 and the entling-in-law who were returning home for another high school graduation --
  • Finished breakfast and ablutions --
  • Reading --
  • Discussion of profile for graduation computing hardware gift for new graduate --
  • Awakened new high school graduate, who is sleeping soundly after all night Project Grad party in order to prepare for another graduation party west of town --
  • Google mapped location of party that Engling no. 3 has been invited to --
  • Delivered the entling to her party --
  • Reading --
  • Fell into deep unrelenting nap. --
  • Roused briefly from nap and fell asleep again. --
  • Opened one eye. What is wrong with me? Post graduation letdown? Relief that I am finished (as a parent) with public education? Ooohhh, the TURKEY sandwhich I ate for lunch.


Saints and Spinners said...

As great as the 48BC is, this weekend I have chosen sleep over reading hours. I'm confident your book is good. However, sleep is divine.

web said...

That is the drawback to this otherwise wholly delightful exercise -- not being sure whether being sleep-deprived, distracted, unfed and funky is distorting your opinion of a book.