Friday, June 05, 2009

The Donut Chef

It is National Donut Day!

The Donut Chef by Bob Staake, Golden Books, 2008

The first indication that civilization has arrived in a new neighborhood or subdivision is the opening of a donut shop.

This donut chef opens his new Donut Land shop and it is a great success. When another donut shop opens on the street, the competition becomes fierce as both stores offer discounts, extra frosting and exotic flavors to entice the public. In an emperor-has-no-clothes moment a little girl laments that she cannot get a plain glazed donut and the chef realizes that simple is best.
This cautionary culinary tale emphasises the virtue and value of doing one thing very well.

Staake's signature digital illustrations consist of the circles and geometric shapes that are perfect for a book about donuts.

To continue the celebration of donuts go enjoy GottaBook's ode to donuts, Doughnuts! Oh, Doughnuts!

Less fat and fewer calories!

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