Saturday, August 11, 2007

Book Stack of Reproach

I have a TBR stack, actually it is several stacks, well actually it is a continuous veneer of TBR books that covers the homestead.

I also have a stack, or rather a shelf of books that I have read and enjoyed yet have not talked about here on BookMoot yet. Every day I see these books looking at me with sadness in their eyes.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Books: We thought you liked us.

Me: I do. I liked all of you. I LOVED some of you and I know kids who would love you.

Books: But we just sit here. You don't tell anyone about us and you will not let us move on to another reader.

Me: Well, I am PLANNING to write about you. I want to write about you. I cannot give you away yet because I need you by my side when I write about you.

Books: What is stopping you?

Me: I'm just slow and it is summer and the Texas heat and humidity is finally here. Plus, each one of you is somebody's baby and I feel like I owe it to the author to communicate my enthusiasm as clearly as possible. I'm a librarian not a journalist--some days the words are hard.

Books: Well can you at least give us a shout-out or something? In the time you taking to talk to us now, you could be recording your thoughts about Red Mood at Sharpsburg by Rosemary Wells or Avielle of Rhia by Dia Calhoon or Skullduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy.

Me: Hey, I mentioned Skullduggery as one of my”48 Hour Reads.” That book is awesome, funny and original. Didn't I mention that?

Books: What ever. Just get a move on will you? We need to move on too. You already have library gigs booked for the school year and we like it when you give us to kids at the schools.

Me: OK, OK.

These books are excellent and I will tell you why soon.


AMY T said...

I have two similar stacks! Shelves, actually, whole entire shelves. And I'm also feeling the urgency of this predicament given that fast approaching milestone, the first day of school.

Becky said...

I have often wondered what my stacks would say to me. I know they would say something to make me feel guilty! There's not a doubt in my mind about that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, can I relate. Glad I'm not the only one feeling guilty about the unread books, and even guiltier about the read and enjoyed and not-yet-written-about books. It's just that writing a review, a good one, requires so much more concentration than, say, reading other blogs... But I have big plans for tomorrow. Good luck with yours.

Unknown said...

Oh, you must have peeked into my house and seen the stacks and stacks of books waiting to be read and reviewed! I do think that they are whispering...

I have a particularly vivid memory of childhood. One day, when I was having trouble finding something that caught my interest to read, I asked my mom, "What will I do if I ever run out of things to read?" She assured me that wouldn't happen. I laugh now at the memory as I stare at my stacks of books!

Jackie Parker said...

Agh! ME TOO!! It's gotten so bad that when friends come over they mock me! (You're hilarious, by the way)

Unknown said...

Very cute. I have the same type of stack myself. I think I haven't been listening hard enough // they don't talk to me. I feel gypped!

Kelly said...

Boy, do I hear you, Camille! I'm hoping to move my BOXES of reproach into stacks of reproach soon :)

Love Skulduggery!

Camille said...

C'est ça. C'est ça, exactement.
I feel better knowing I am not alone. Jen put it well, "writing a review, a good one, requires so much more concentration than, say, reading other blogs..."

Anonymous said...

At least none of us is alone in this plight.

Must find time to read Skulduggery Pleasant.

MotherReader said...

Oh, let me add my voice to the mix too. I have an online file full of "notes" about different books but not reviews. It makes me feel a tiny bit better, because at least I can return the books. But then it's not often that those "notes" get turned into a full on review. Ah well, the perils of being a reader - and reviewer.

Em said...

I was highly amused by your post! I have stacks and stacks of books to review also! A friend once suggested that writing my thoughts on an index card once I finished the book so that it would stay fresh in my mind. Alas, I'm just too excited to start reading the next book (or too lazy to write up my thoughts!)
Good luck with your stack!

Sherry said...

I'll just say, "Me, too." I keep library books until they're overdue becaus I'm planning to write about them.

I did read Red Moon at Sharpsburg and wrote about it here. I liked it, too.

Beckyb said...

What is this we have gotten ourselves into!??! It's a sad addiction!!! Know that you are NOT alone!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my. Should we start a 12-step program? I just let myself off the hook of making a list of the to-review books, but JUST THIS MORNING (and before reading this post) I made a stack of books that I "can't" put away till I review them. I keep thinking that coming up with a way to do a brief, one-line review is the way to go. Brevity, though, is not a strength.

But isn't it a nice problem to have--more items to review than there is time for? That means we're spending time on what's important--enjoying those things that we review!