Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Inspirational Teaching

Whether you are a teacher die-cutting letters for your bulletin board or a parent gearing up for another year of fun in the classroom, do not miss Mental Multivitamin's post "Teach, damn it." She has put together a short but sweet list of books, full of teaching inspiration for the new school year.

My brother, Principal Blandsworth, told me he had read Rafe Esquith's excellent Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire this summer and recommended it highly. If MMV and Principal Blandsworth recommend it, it has to be good.


AMY T said...

I'm getting excited to see how my students will respond to kohlberg's levels of moral reasoning--which Rafe talks about in this books as a way to do ethics in school.

Camille said...

OK, I have to read this, that is three votes for Rafe.

Megan Germano said...

I read this book and loved it!