Monday, August 06, 2007

Movie: The Dark is Rising

I noticed that with the DiR title change to The Seeker etc. etc., came a new trailer at

Chocolate and Vodka points out that the new trailer has also replaced the old one at YouTube.

Lo and behold, all those mean negative comments have disappeared too! The astroturf was taking hold when I last checked.

Given all the changes to the story, I think the new title should be Will's Excellent Adventure.


Renay said...

Any time I think about this movie, I get a swift desire to punch the group that adapted it in the mouth.

But your alternate movie poster made me laugh; it kind of looks like that's exactly how serious the people in charge of this movie took the book. Thumbs up for creativity!

Imani said...

Brilliant! I'll have to post about this on my blog now. Your poster really is a perfect take on that crappy adaptation. (Ace of Base single was a nice touch.)

Unknown said...

Love the poster!

Unknown said...

I love it, Camille! It captures so well that "gee whiz" quality that comes through in the trailer. "I can do magic? E-xcellent!"