Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jason Bourne meets "Arthur"

Animation Magazine discusses the new season of Arthur for PBS:

The theme for this season on Arthur is "media literacy." Jason Damon will be making an appearance.

Cookie Jar animation director Greg Bailey was able to sketch Damon in person to capture his likeness and translate it for Arthur’s world. For the backgrounds, the animators had to create an environment where Damon would live and what his office looks like. “We realized that Matt’s brother, Kyle Damon, is a wonderful sculptor and painter, so our animation artists used his artwork as a basis for all the backgrounds that Matt appears in,” Valette notes. “So there’s that nice collaboration with his brother.”


tanita✿davis said...

Um, wow?! I love Arthur, and got used to seeing Yo Yo Ma, and Jack Prelutsky with the little ears, but... Jason... er, Damon?

Color me deeply amused.

Vivian Mahoney said...

I just watched The Bourne Identity the other night. This will probably be a fun action packed adventure that my kids will love.