Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Photographer/Author: Walter Wick

Drawing books are, no doubt, the most popular books to checked from a school library but Walter Wick's I Spy and Can You See What I See books are equally popular.

I noticed today that his website has a fascinating "Behind the Scenes" section. I found myself spending as much time looking at these pages as the pages of the books themselves.

Nowadays, when any kind of imaginary creature can be given digital life and historical images can be photoshopped, I think it is important for kids to realize that Wick's books are real photographs of real objects. Wick has also included the movie showing his balloon popper from I Spy School Days in motion. I have longed to share this with kids for years. I am so happy he has it on his site now!

Wouldn't it be fun to do a "Walter Wick" style project with students? With the abundance of digital cameras in schools now, it would be inexpensive--no film to develop--and all kinds of language arts objectives could be woven into the project.

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tanita✿davis said...

Ooh, what a flat out awesome idea!