Thursday, August 02, 2007

Movie: The Dark is Rising

A commenter at IMDB's Dark is Rising entry has called for a new title to this movie. I liked the suggestion: The Fans are Bawling.

Care2 has a petition up to ask Walden to change the name of the film since it has nothing to do with the book by the same title.

Maybe in that spirit, Walden has apparently changed the title of the Dark movie. They appear to now be calling it The Seeker: The Dark is Rising.

I have been feeling so badly for Susan Cooper. It must be terrible to watch something like this happen to one of your books, even though you know that the movies are separate entities on their own. It also occurred to me though, that it might be wonderfully heartening to know there are so many people who feel so passionately and have such a loving connection with the books.

I spent some time looking at blog posts and comments about TDiR (or is is now TSTDiR?) movie and came up with a list of keywords that have been employed to describe readers' reactions. I've left of the ones that would earn this blog an "R" rating or worse.

I think the most often employed word was "cry."

One commenter used the expression "a quick toss off" which is probably accurate. I don't think Walden knew what they were stepping in when they messed with series.

Fools, fools, fools.

something one of my cats puked up
completely without imagination
horrified almost to the point of muteness
brutally slaughtered
semi-literate imagination-deprived monkeys
the vomit is rising
unbelievably painful
painful, pathetic mess
Oh, twist the knife a little more, why don't you?
a quick "toss off"
depressing departure from a well-loved story
erase our minds
disservice they are doing to a beloved classic
fix it before it's too late
butchering them
mindless vandalism
I just threw up in my mouth.
wanton dismantling
I shouldn't care about this so much.
Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!!
total hash
severe disappointment
shocked and confused
disfigured and trivialized
My Gorge is Rising
The Dreck is Rising!
"Will's twin" insanity
I feel ill.
The Dark is Winning?

A fan at IMDB did have this take:

The only comfort I get out of any of this is from knowing that there are so many wonderful, intelligent, eloquent people out there who are as passionate about these books as I am. Granted, nothing that any of us do or say is likely to stop Walden Media from releasing this colossal piece of crap, but I have to hold on to the hope that someday, a true fan will make a movie that does justice to the story.

Thanks to Chocolate and Vodka for some new links on this topic.


Jackie Parker said...

That's such a shame because Walden Media's made some pretty good adaptations in the past. I had begun to have faith in them.

Liz B said...

I heard some rumbles at BEA that there was another production company involved; this isn't solely Walden Media's baby.

I should probably look it up....

Anonymous said...

Fox is the other corporation involved in butchering this "adaptation."

Along with misleading audiences about the details of Cooper's work, the studio is also perpetuating this travesty:

Camille said...

Wow, a writing contest! So they qualifying this movie as just a form of fanfiction now?