Thursday, October 12, 2006


I feel like such a blog slacker but I've subbed 3 days this week, it is homecoming weekend for the entling which entails a great deal of planning and angst (for parental units.)

There was the great "mum handoff" this afternoon and a choir concert tonight. I may not surface until Sunday. One cheerful child lit note is I am reading Newbery Honor book, Whittington by Alan Armstrong and S.D. Schindler at school. What a fantastic story so far!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Camille! It's a crazy time of year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Camille,

My name is Blake Nelson. Stumbled on your website and just spent an hour reading it. Some fun and interesting stuff!

Do you know my YA book PARANOID PARK? It just came out. It's an updating of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT but with a skateboarding high school kid instead of Rashkolnekov, who was kind of like a skateboarding high school kid when you think of it.

It's set in the rainy gloom of Portland, Oregon.

Anyway, thought I would alert you. Also it's being made into a film by gus van sant. I noticed your interest in such things. (beverly cleary on film is a scary thought . . . I am a huge fan or hers, as a fellow oregonian . . . .that's why I'm psyched about Gus Van Sant, at least he understands the vibe of the place.)

Hey email me if you get a chance,

and my webpage is

thanks, see ya.