Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm intrigued

The Fetch by Chris Humphreys, 2006

OK, when the entling reads this book all afternoon and all through dinner and then disappears for the entire evening only coming downstairs after having finished the book and announces it is "better" than Harry Potter, (she is Harry's no. 1 fan) I sit up and stare with wide eyes. Then I burble something intelligent like, "Really?"

When she says she cannot wait until the next book and if it does not come out soon, "there's gonna be trouble (er ... that is "screaming and chaos" to quote her, accurately,)" I go hmmm...and move the book to the top of my stack.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Interesting. This is a British book yet Amazon UK aren't listing it, and the library doesn't possess it... I had to really hunt for it online before I found anything out !

However, I will ask about it tomorrow when I'm down at the library...

I trust the entling won't cause TOO much chaos during the wait for book 2 - book 1 did only come out in July over here !

Anonymous said...

Chris Humphreys here. I'm sorry, I don't know if you like authors dropping in on you like this. But I was just thrilled by the entling's response! (As I will be thrilled by a tiny tiny % of JK's readership!)
Alas,its not available in the UK yet - short sighted British Publishers! I am a Brit, but living now in Vancouver Canada.
Where do Entling and her keeper reside?
Would you be so good to place my website under Mr Horovitz? (I also have a blog but its very very new and I am just beginning)You can also contact me through the site.
Many thanks for this late night excitment!