Monday, October 16, 2006

Hugging the Rock

Hugging the Rock by Susan Taylor Brown, 2006

I have delayed writing about this book because I wanted to be sure my librarian friends were back in "acquisition" mode and ready to add this book to their purchase orders. So, friends, click here to add this book to your B&T, Follett or Mackin book order, right now.

Hugging the Rock is a fine and rare treasure. I read it straight through in one sitting because I just couldn't bear to stop until I knew what was going to happen. Susan Taylor Brown's free verse is so musical as one poem leads into the other that stopping midway through would be like turning off a beautiful song before the final note had sounded.

Rachel's mother never wanted her. That is the truth she begins to face as she watches her mother leave. For a while she hopes her mother will return but her emotions and school work plummet as she realizes that will not happen. She struggles to understand her mother's bipolar disorder and grieves for her loss.

Rachel and her father must learn about each other and rebuild their lives. In the beginning, they are not very successful but they don't give up on each other and ultimately Rachel discovers it has been her father who cherished, loved and wanted her from the very beginning.

The story is so uplifting and positive that is will resonate with readers long after they finish it. I know it has with me.

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