Monday, October 16, 2006

It is the Wind

It is the Wind by Ferida Wolff, illustrated by James Ransome 2005.

This is a beautiful picture book.
A young boy listens to the sounds of the night as he settles down for sleep.

What is the noise I hear,
in the night
that wakens me,
that shakens me,
the noise, I hear, in the dark
in the night?

It is the swing, I think
by the barn
that sways and clunks
that sways and thunks,
the swing I think, in the breeze
by the barn.

It is the bugs, I think,
in the grass
that stir and crick,
that stir and click
the bugs, I think singing songs
in the grass.

Ransome's watercolors glow with a veil of blue night upon them. He displays small scenes from a farm life opposite each stanza. A lovely and melodic choice for quiet times or bedtime.

A 2X2 selection

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