Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Tippy Lemmey

Tippy Lemmey
by Patricia C. McKissack, 2003
Patricia C. McKissack always has a story worth telling. This is a lovely little tale about three children who are trying to cope with a mean neighborhood dog. Tippy Lemmey is a dog with a first AND last name and he is chasing them and snapping at their heels as they pass his turf. I loved the kids inventiveness as they try to out think and out run the dog. The children do not wish the dog harm even though he is making their life a misery. The story has a nice resolution, which is a relief--I always worry about "dog" stories (à la No More Dogs by Gordon Korman) With only 64 pages this is a perfect book for those children transitioning to "chapter books."

This book is on the 2004 Texas Bluebonnet Reading list. In this election year, participating in the Texas Bluebonnet election would be very empowering for a young reader. It is an election where their vote REALLY does count. Readers in grades 3-6 may participate by reading 5 of the books and then voting for their favorite title at their school library or participating public library.

The books range in interest and genre. There are some books on the list each year that are aimed at specifically at the older readers. This reading list always challenges me to expand my reading horizons. Left to my own devices I would only read historY, mysterY and fantasY. Tippy Lemmey is a nice read for all ages.

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