Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Some grammar fun

Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss, 2004
If you have been intrigued by this book, try the Eats, Shoots & Leaves Punctuation test.

Fun and entertaining children's books on the subject of grammar include:

Punctuation takes a vacation
by Robin Pulver ; illustrated by Lynn Rowe Reed
Punctuation power : punctuation and how to use it
by Marvin Terban
Miss Alaineus : a vocabulary disaster written and illustrated by Debra Frasier.

Parts of Speech

written and illustrated by Ruth Heller:
Behind the mask : a book about prepositions
Kites sail high : a book about verbs
A cache of jewels and other collective nouns
Fantastic! wow! and unreal! : a book about interjections and conjunctions
Many luscious lollipops : a book about adjectives
Merry-go-round : a book about nouns
Mine, all mine : a book about pronouns
Up, up and away : a book about adverbs

by Brian P. Cleary ; illustrated by Brian Gable
Dearly, nearly, insincerely : what is an adverb?
I and you and don't forget who : what is a pronoun?
Hairy, scary, ordinary : what is an adjective?
A mink, a fink, a skating rink : what is a noun?
To root, to toot, to parachute : what is a verb?
Under, over, by the clover : what is a preposition?


by Marvin Terban ; illustrated by Giulio Maestro
In a pickle and other funny idioms
Mad as a wet hen! : and other funny idioms
Guppies in tuxedos : funny eponyms

There's a frog in my throat! : 440 animal sayings a little bird told me by Loreen Leedy & Pat Street ; illustrated by Loreen Leedy.


written and illustrated by Fred Gwynne.
A chocolate moose for dinner
The king who rained
A little pigeon toad

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