Thursday, October 28, 2004

Author: Meg Cabot

Fans of The Princess Diaries, All-American Girl and Teen Idol will want to read the interview with Meg Cabot in The Guardian Unlimited. The interview is fun, just like her books.
Cabot kept diaries as a girl and has plundered them ruthlessly for the series. "My diaries are, like, sooo funny," she giggles. "Like, one day I write, 'I've got the most enormous zit, and grandma's gone into hospital today.' And you know, both things are equally important."
When asked about the Princess Diaries movies she says:
... she was still sitting at her desk at NYU - although it wasn't exactly a fairytale. Her agent thought the first Princess Diary had movie potential, and Disney optioned it. First came a $4,000 cheque (laughable now), and then the phone-calls.

" 'We're really sorry, but in the movie we're going to kill off the father, cos Julie Andrews wants to play the grandmother, but she doesn't have enough lines so we're going to kill the dad and give her all the dead dad's lines. Is that OK?' And I was like, Julie Andrews, yeah, you can kill the dad, whatever you have to do!"

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