Friday, October 15, 2004

The Gorillas of Gill Park

The Gorillas of Gill Park
by Amy Gordon, 2003

I liked this book so much! Once I started reading it, I did not want to stop.
Willy Wilson does not seem to fit in with his family. He feels like he never lives up to his parents expectations. When he is offered the chance to spend the summer with his interesting and fun Aunt Bridget he jumps at the chance. Aunt Bridget is sewing an order of 30 gorilla costumes and recovering from the death of her husband. Willy settles in to life in her apartment which is across the street from Gill Park.

Music is an underlying theme to his stay and the book. Music plays continuously in Gill Park and the different styles become the rhythm of his life. One day the music suddenly stops and the news spreads that the eccentric owner, Otto Pettingill is going to sell the park to shopping mall developers.

The book has a great cast of characters who are determined to save the park. Willy grows and gains confidence in the events that follow. Baseball games, an elevator to a tree house, gorilla masks, a wild girl, violins--this is a very unique story line with an upbeat message about the difference individuals can make in their community.

This is a book on the 2004 Texas Bluebonnet Reading list.

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