Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Read it and weep (for joy)

Grace Lin is blogging about her experiences at ALA this year.

Whether she is describing a lovely vacation trip or her Newbery dinner dress hunt, her accounts make you feel like you are there. Gracenotes readers feel like they are a close friends who are privileged to share these moments with her.

Grace admits there were moments she had to try very hard not to cry at the luncheon Little, Brown gave in her honor. Read her eloquent words about Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.

If you do not tear up, there is no hope for you. I am awash.

So so so so so happy for Grace.


anne said...

I cried when I read her account. The speech and all --- so moving. The book is AWESOME, and deserves all the glory it is getting, as does its humble author!

Camille said...

Couldn't agree more, Anne.